Monday, January 25, 2010

mocked time and again

while going through some pictures the other day, i came across several that had a familiar theme. my darling, sweet husband can not help himself from making fun of me. i have this issue where when i hold around something, i have my pinky sticking straight out. i think it is elegant but apparently not. here is evidence of the mockery that is being made of my life.

although he looks fancy, that is not an good excuse to make fun of the way your wife holds a lens.
again. ps. nice black socks, nerd.
look how elegant he looks drinking. serious. i guess imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery. thanks, hon.


Anna Linnea said...

Mark's awesome. Thanks for the post, it made me smile!

julie said...

i love his business socks!

Ace said...

I am guilty of the 'pinky finger in the air whilst I grip anything as an attempt to make myself look (and more importantly FEEL) more refined' tactic...especially when I am holding something that is very unglamorous.

ie; poopie diapers, toilet scrubber, hickory farms summer sausage, old Milwaukee's know, stuff like that.

Mark may mock, but I'll bet he felt like Prince William as he sat there in his black socks with that pinky high in the air.