Thursday, January 28, 2010

i am a child

i "work" (my super awesome temp job) at a place that makes office supplies. mostly stamps. we are contracted through staples so if you order a stamp anytime soon, chances are, i am your data enterer- so glamorous. anyway, today my boss was on the phone and she said, "yes we sell rubbers" to which i laughed aloud. then i looked around at my very quiet (and obvs mature) co workers. go me.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

becoming one with nature

well about a hundred years ago, we went camping with some friends. it was lots of fun and kind of nice for mark and i not to have any kids because kids make you do things like get up early, hold their hair back when they throw up, hold them on your lap, keep them out of the fire..etc. so we were fine just watching other people with kids. so i have some pictures but they are in no good order so i will just explain and you will wonder why i am blogging again and will yawn and sigh to yourself.
this is our friends' little girl and she is so so funny. i have about 20 more of these posing pictures and she is a natural. i didn't even ask for her to pose, it is just in her to do it.

i taught them how to make dandelion crowns and the modeled and looked lovely.

stay out of the fire. obvs, some parents needed a little help. way to go helping your friend, l. i am like a child in that i can not keep any clothes clean. good thing these were camping clothes!

shalaun, jamie and susanna. to illustrate how long ago this camping trip was, jamie's baby in her belly is now in kindergarten (well not really but practically).

this is scott and mark. i only took this picture to show how awesome their height difference is. seriously. like 2 feet. he is maybe the nicest guy you will meet though so don't be afraid for mark.

the tent community. our tent is not in this picture because we were smart and shunned ourselves way way way fay away and slept in. the end.

Monday, January 25, 2010

mocked time and again

while going through some pictures the other day, i came across several that had a familiar theme. my darling, sweet husband can not help himself from making fun of me. i have this issue where when i hold around something, i have my pinky sticking straight out. i think it is elegant but apparently not. here is evidence of the mockery that is being made of my life.

although he looks fancy, that is not an good excuse to make fun of the way your wife holds a lens.
again. ps. nice black socks, nerd.
look how elegant he looks drinking. serious. i guess imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery. thanks, hon.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


well, after much begging and pleading i have decided to revisit this sorry excuse of a blog. (cheer, cheer, clap, clap, clap.) before you get too excited, remember in your head that this blog is a bit lame. thanks. okay, now before i begin catch up (or ketchup if you prefer), there is something i need to tell you. something i realized as of late and something many of you already know. an epiphany i came to the other day..... .....i am shaped like a potato. a potato with carrot legs. and it is sad. but i will sally forth and do something about it so have no fear. thank you for your time. now on to catching up.....