Friday, April 29, 2011

mark speak

i like how being married makes you see new things every day. especially about your spouse. i have learned that mark is super cute. also i have learned that there are a few things that he says that are awesome. for instance:
  • get out the way. not get out OF the way. get out the way. cute
  • when driving, mark has a little impatience. road rage if you will. but since swears rarely escape his lips, he calls everyone a dillhole. it's awesome.
  • when he says just kidding, he really says dus' kidding. i didn't notice this one for the longest time and then one day i did and my life has never been the same.
  • normal americans say croissant just like it is spelled with an r right? well mark says cwoissant. just like his mom. this one drove me crazy for some reason.
  • he also says bin for ben, tin for ten etc. so i like to say " i called bin tin times". that bin never answers the phone
so now go forth and use these new phrases in your life. dus' kidding you dillhole.

Friday, April 8, 2011

politically savvy

let's talk government shutdown for a minute. funny how dc draws me right back into the political aspect of things. in spokane i never even used the word government or politics or anything of the sort. but now i am smarter-just having left spokane (i kid, i kid), and i actually know what is going on. but let me tell you somethings. this government shutdown, i mean potential shutdown could really screw with a few things. for instance. my darling. he is currently doing and externship now with aforementioned government AND he does not have all his hours yet. hours he needs to graduate law school. people! this is serious. here is another thing it is screwing up that  directly a(e)ffects (i have such trouble with those words) me. if the government shuts down, so does ford's theater and if ford's theater shuts down so does liberty smith and if liberty smith shuts down, my friend matt anderson is out of a sweet acting gig and if he is out of a sweet acting gig, how the heck am i supposed to see him in his play???!!! riddle me that? i am supposed to see it saturday matinee and government shutdown is friday, midnight. great timing government. ugh.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

the other white meat

this is just in case you needed my blog with a side of bacon. ridiculous? i think not. people LOVE bacon. and by people, i mean mark. speaking of ridiculous: has anyone heard of the new term "ricockulous"? that is seriously ridiculous. i mean it.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

very pinteresting

i have a new love interest. i am currently obsessed. it is pinterest, dearies. have you been there? have you joined? please do and then let's follow one another and share all that we love. i seriously spend a good chunk of my day repinning things to my board. chances are, i will copy all your pins and put them on mine. some people are genius. also you have to request an invite but it can take up to a week to be accepted. it is a pretty exclusive club. ha. jk.

Thursday, March 31, 2011


friends, i need some help. i don't expect much since not many know i am blogging again but if you read this, please help. ok. so the other day on younghouselove they had some chairs-(click on the link)- and they are a steal of a deal and they are still available on craigslist. 2 hours away. here is what they look like if you are too lazy to click the link:

we can all agree now that that is the ugliest of ugly patterns but the shape of them is so nice. and so here is the question. would they be worth the 2 hour drive to procure them? these chairs are expensive in other places. like pottery barn-$250!!!! eek. do you think I could reupholster them? or have you heard of painting fabric? here is an example. so, dear readers, what would you do? please help. the end. and thanks.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


so mark and i have a lot of time to g chat whilst at work. some of it is business ie. what's for din? some of it is link sharing ie. this one. some of it is just chats and such. but mark has reached a new low of being passive aggressive. i ask a question and he answers with ...
yeah. i know. what the heck does that mean ...
just an elipsis, right? but no. in mark's dangerous psyche, these ... are crickets.
there are always just three.
and they sometimes go on and on  like this:
me: ps i forgot i told so and so i would help her with a project tonight.
want to help?
 Mark: ...

me: crickets?
Mark: ...
hear em?
me: so, yes you want to help?
Mark: ...
me: thanks!!!
Mark: ...
me: love you
Mark: ...
me: the crickets can come too
Mark: I can keep this up all day


 me: it's fun
Mark: they'll already be there (the crickets)

ergh. he can be so infuriatingly darling. and he thinks he is so funny.

Monday, March 28, 2011


i kind of want to punch my blog in the face and then kick it while it is down. it is pretty lame and needs a revitalization, maybe? i am not sure. all i know is that if i have to look at that picture of mark and me anymore, i am going to literally be sick. all over my keyboard. i like to not save the drama for my mama.
so hi. i am here again. and guess what? i live in a new locale since my last post. i am back in virginny and it is glorious. but i miss spokane too. i never thought i would say that but it's white trash ways have needled themselves into my heart and made me miss it a tiny bit. so here are some things that have changed. we love lists right?
1. coasts. west to east. feels nice
2. mark is in an externship here for his last semester=no coursework=so awesome
3. we pay 1 million in rent instead of like 5 dollars
4. we only have one car
5. i actually make money here. it's weird
some things that are the same:
1. we are still awesome
2. i still drink like this
3. still a potato
and there you have it. a new blog post for a new city. hopefully i will keep it up. it's fun to be back in the saddle.......maybe.