Sunday, September 20, 2009


for some reason, college came in to my mind today. probably because i am a college grad and do not have a job or any jobs on the horizon and it is super sweet (and emoticon giving you a very, very sarcastic look.) anyhow, there was some crazy shiz that happened in my freshman dorm at utah state and i am going to share it with you here today. (an emoticon who looks at you jealously for getting to hear all these stories.)
anyhooter. when i was a freshman, i lived in a co-ed dorm. it was a blast. i loved it. for some reason, our apartment of 6 girls got into a prank war with an apartment of 6 boys and mayhem ensued. it was war! and sadly we got completely schooled. i don't remember much of what we did to them but it was harmless stuff like taking their mattresses and such. their pranks were downright ruthless. here they are.
1. they took ALL the labels of ALL the cans of food in our pantry. it was awful. if you wanted a can of soup, you ran the risk of opening a myriad of other things before you found the soup. it was so lame. so so lame but hilarious and brilliant.

2. they took flowers off the graves of the cemetery across the street and left them on our pillows. this creeped me out! not sure why. also, how tacky to take flowers from the graveyard. sheesh.

3. they put crickets in the beds of one of my roommates. also, the tore off their back legs so they couldn't hop away. and they gave them bits of food. so they were definitely there when she crawled into bed. yuck.

4. this was the WORST! we had a regular shower with a bathtub and then we had one of those little cube showers with a glass door and just enough room to stand up in. well, we came home from church and they had filled the entire tiny shower with leaves. so if you opened the glass door, they would all spill out. it was awful. and this was not the wort part. in the middle of the leaves, they had put a DEER HEAD. and not a taxidermied deer head, oh no, one fresh from the deer hunt. so so so so disgusting. ick. i still cringe.

5. a few weeks later, when we were watching a scary movie for halloween, they lowered the deer head from the apartment above right in front of the window and made it knock up against it. it was the freakiest sight of my life. eeek.

needless to say the boys won this little prank war and a truce was made so we could rest in peace. man alive, they were brilliant. still much hilarity abounded throughout the year which is probably the reason i pulled straight C's that year. awesome! go college! go aggies! love, megan

Friday, September 18, 2009


i just wanted you to know that i won my first GIVEAWAY in my life and i am so excited about it!!! i won it
here at jess's blog (she is so talented). you should check her out and check out her etsy shop too for cute cards and such. now i have the hard task of figuring out what to get!!!!

while this may not be a trip to iceland , or a new baby or a new blogging gig, this is as exciting as mark and i can handle right now and we are thrilled!! what would you pick???

Thursday, September 17, 2009

house guests from h*@!

guess what? we are SO excited. we are having visitors. and they are visitors that we LOVE and adore and can not get enough of. oh me, oh my. dave and mei li are coming to visit the wonderful city of spokane and mark and meg!!! wahoo!
lovely mei
handsome dave (or scary if you prefer that adjective)
dave and mei embracing
and here are the 4 of us reunited over christmas. do you think mark bears a striking resemblance to this guy ?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

blessed and named

look how sweet baby eleanor is. we got to go to payson after the wedding and see her get blessed. she looked so pretty in her dress.
that face is so sweet. and her "stork bite" is cute too!
sweet shoes and her legs are starting to get chubby.
getting mad. oh well.
millie did not like me this trip so she refused to look at me but insisted on being in some pictures and holding her little sister. haha. she is such a little spitfire.
still not looking but henry and max were good sports. love these kids.
still ignoring me. she also told me she didn't like me and was promptly told to tell me sorry which she did a little too grudgingly so i know she didn't mean it. i WILL win her over.
she slept the whole day, this baby.
if you read marnae's blog, you might not know she has a new baby, since she NEVER updates!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

nice day for a white wedding

well friends, we were in utah again for a quick visit to attend the wedding of mark's favorite cousin and my favorite cousin in law-BEN!!! mark was the best man (duh, no brainer) and so he got all duded up in a sweet tux. he looked hot. here is some photographic proof. mark and ben might not be the most photogenic.....
but erica is. she looked so so pretty and she is on her way to taking over ben's spot as favorite cousin in law.
see, so pretty. also she is poser for pictures so we were kindred spirits.
me and my hunka hunka.
mark-sour face but hot sour face. he is going to love this post.
the smith family. there is a plethora of them!
mark and ben had to do this gay hand on shoulder thing. it was awkward and funny to watch because they are not the touchy kind AT ALL! i loved watching them be awkward. go ahead and judge me.
the groomsmen. nice, gentlemen, nice.

so, the wedding was in the salt lake temple and then the festivities were at solitude and it was lovely. it was a fun wedding even though i got a huge fat sunburn in the 200 degree weather waiting for them to come out of the temple. good thing i don't hold a grudge, ben. we were lucky in slc to get to stay in the house of the rosenfields. i used to nanny for them in college and they were in new england and left us a key to stay. so it was like we had our own mansion-our own hundred and ten year old mansion. it was dreamy. it was a fast trip but we did get to see both fams. and eleanor got blessed so i will show you those pics soon.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

we had an anniversary shout hooray

well friends, we made it to one year. who woulda thunk? i mean, i am totally a brat and mark has put up with me for a long time! go him. anyhow, since we were a bit poor this year, we stayed local and went to a place in the couer d' alene mountains called silver valley. it is a bunch of mining towns. they are small and quaint and pretty. we wandered around, holding hands and sweating our a**$# off but it was fun to be together.
this is wallace. so pretty. see that green awninged building? that is where we partook of lunch and it was delightful.
apparently, wallace is somehow the center of the universe. anyway, i think mark took this picture because i am the center of his universe (obviously).
here is honey, eating lunch (ps. anyone who hang s out with us knows we have the annoying habit of calling each other "honey" all the time. it started out as me trying to bug mark-who hates pet names and has resulted in the honey talk all the time). he's cute.
wallace, pretty wallace.
we wish. how awesome is it that you can win a gold mine!? for maybe $5!!!!
and yes, there is a bordello museum in wallace so we went in and looked around. and guess what?! it only closed in 1989!!!!! is that crazy to anyone else? a bordello! in my lifetime!
and if some of you are wondering why this town seems so familiar? well, it was in the blockbuster hit starring pierce brosnan and linda hamilton duh. so if you come to spokane and want to go to wallace, let us know. but not on our romantic anniversary trip please.

ps. i love mark lots. he is a good husband and i was lucky to bamboozle him into marrying me!

seriously, i have issues

i think no one checks this blog anymore on account of its lameness but i will try to make up for it. I have about eleventy hundred blog posts in the works. they will make you laugh. they will make you cry and they are on their way. anyway. mark and i went to utah about 2 months ago and here i am blogging about. my sister had a baby-eleanor and i went to "help". she is more than capable. she is like wonder mom. whatevs. so i just gazed at the baby and played with the cousins. so here is eleanor and rocco (kole's baby). we put them to sleep in the swing and the little angels slept like babies ( i kill me) for quite sometime. sweet little things.
some other highlights were a trip to sundance fro some hiking and ski life riding and family togetherness which we love love love. max and nash were so dirty!
henry max and nash hanging out outside the sundance shop.
kenz, marg, koley, millie and i rode the tram. millie was freaking us out leaning clear far over. man alive. good thing i had a death grip on her. i let her sit on her own but she scooted way up to the front and it was too freaky so back to the lap she went.
here is the whole gang hanging out. see wondermom and brand new baby? whoa
so there were a lot of fun times. we went to the RODEO. it was boots and chaps and cowboy hats and spurs and latigo. and awesome. here are some of the girls. dan, marg, kole and marn.
the whole group. i have a crush on all of them.
the best part was that when i called mark to say we were going to a rodeo(he was in price) he agreed tocome and he showed up in the SWEETEST outfit i have ever laid eyes on. oh man alive. get us a room. the end. i heart utah and it's inhabitants. and arkansas's as well.

i wish the pants had been a little tighter.