Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the haps

a. my little brother is getting married. wahoo. she is lovely
b. my sister moved far far away....all the way across the country. sad
c. our truck got stolen. good thing we have insurance. oh wait. we have the kind that doesn't cover that
d. i tried some new recipes since mark thing i need to "branch out". most of them sucked but a few were delish
e. i am working one million hours a week
f. consequently i am still a potato
g. consequently my social life is in the garbage
h. my mom is coming to visit!
i. i dropped my camera (well my nephs did) and i have no lens now
j. consequently no pictures.
k. consequently an even more boring blog.
l. my cousins are coming to visit. oh yeah. oh yeah
m. i made a desk
n. it rocks.
o. i broke my sewing machine somehow
p.i am running out of haps
q. consequently, the end.
r. nice to see you again.
s. byee