Friday, April 29, 2011

mark speak

i like how being married makes you see new things every day. especially about your spouse. i have learned that mark is super cute. also i have learned that there are a few things that he says that are awesome. for instance:
  • get out the way. not get out OF the way. get out the way. cute
  • when driving, mark has a little impatience. road rage if you will. but since swears rarely escape his lips, he calls everyone a dillhole. it's awesome.
  • when he says just kidding, he really says dus' kidding. i didn't notice this one for the longest time and then one day i did and my life has never been the same.
  • normal americans say croissant just like it is spelled with an r right? well mark says cwoissant. just like his mom. this one drove me crazy for some reason.
  • he also says bin for ben, tin for ten etc. so i like to say " i called bin tin times". that bin never answers the phone
so now go forth and use these new phrases in your life. dus' kidding you dillhole.


Anna Linnea said...

Josh says "cwoissant" the same way! He also had the habit of taking on peoples accents. When we were in England he suddenly had an English accent. In Mexico he had a hispanic accent. If he's talking to an old farmer, he has a farmer accent. So fun to bug him about it, he doesn't even notice that he is doing it.

erica said...

I've noticed Ben says "supposebly" not "supposedly". I kind of find it endearing but don't tell him because I like to tease him about it.

(adriane) said...

bob is not my spouse, but since we've been together a couple of years, i have also noticed a few things he says that i love to mercilessly tease him about.

1. measure = may-zhure
2. ruin = rune
3. jenn (as in the girl's name) = gin

he's such a good sport.

julie said...

"get out the way!" just like the rap song. ha! i can picture him now.

Hannah Neville McMillan said...

cwoissant is the correct pronunciation-- I salute Mark! ;) PS we need to get together!

Anne said...

Brian says things like gosh, golly and heck. Not the way a Mormon says them, but how I imagine a hillbilly would.

pilgrimchick said...

I have to agree with you regarding your comment about seeing something new in your partner every day. That is absolutely my experience since moving in with my boyfriend recently, although "dillhole" has never been used.