Monday, November 16, 2009

get me outta here

well friends we did our time. we were in primary for about 10 months and it was HARD. fun but hard. so we are done and i kind of miss the little nerds and mark is crying about it every day so i stroke his hair and rub his back and then he feels better. so here they are.

they were so funny. they were crowding together like crazy
this is what mark looks like when he teaches and they STILL listen to him. I mean, i look like a million bucks up there and i am funny and witty and brilliant but it is mark they adore. boo hiss.
stupid kids.
so he got to be in all the pictures with them so they wouldn't cry when i came near them. i am going to ROCK at motherhood someday! oh yeah.
and they love him. what a cute little bunch of hooligans. sniff. they still call us teacher when they see us so that is super rad.


Ace said...


Now you're on to scouts, so have fun with that!

Jenny said...

You make me giggle...

Why is it that they always like the hubby...rik never even prepared and they still liked him more...i don't get it.

have did you only get it for 10 months??? they realize that you have the spirit and can be trusted with older people? i'm still in Primary...year number 4 is coming to an end and 5 is starting....sad.

Sara Rose said...

My Emma misses you! and frankly so do I!! You were awesome teachers! poor kids!

Julia said...

Kids never like me, either, and vice versa, but I dig my own, and I think they like me most days. You'll be fine!

Marnae said...

My kids think you are awesome may-may. These kids just don't understand how rad you are.
my kids=smart
primary kids=not-so-smart

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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