Tuesday, November 10, 2009


dear this shouldn't surprise you,

you are a lame wad. suckiest blog in existence.

love, megan

dear honey,

your mullet is looking mighty fancy and i like your butt in your skivvies.

love, honey

dear mjarn,

your family is so cute. i miss you.

love mjeg

dear newest temp job,

you are the suckiest work place i have ever encountered. thanks for making me cry a lot, be really mean at home and still not make any money.

hate, megan

dear holidays,

hello. how are you? come quicker but last longer! thanks.

love meg.

dear grievances,

consider yourself aired.

sincerely, mrs. smith


Anonymous said...

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Hannah Neville McMillan said...

Dear Meg, blog more!

Love, Hannah

Me said...

best blog post ever. but your blog does not suck, so quit saying that. what's with the random viagra poster?

Jules said...

You make me pee my pants you're so freakin hilarious!

Robyn said...

Yes, we definately need MORE of you. More Meg, More Better.

Marnae said...

Dear Mjeg, Sometimes I cry when I realize how infrequently I get to have you in my presence. I almost wrote presents which is what you are to me, a gift. Hearting you even though you are a crappy blogger(been there myself a time or two thousand)
love mjarn