Monday, March 28, 2011


i kind of want to punch my blog in the face and then kick it while it is down. it is pretty lame and needs a revitalization, maybe? i am not sure. all i know is that if i have to look at that picture of mark and me anymore, i am going to literally be sick. all over my keyboard. i like to not save the drama for my mama.
so hi. i am here again. and guess what? i live in a new locale since my last post. i am back in virginny and it is glorious. but i miss spokane too. i never thought i would say that but it's white trash ways have needled themselves into my heart and made me miss it a tiny bit. so here are some things that have changed. we love lists right?
1. coasts. west to east. feels nice
2. mark is in an externship here for his last semester=no coursework=so awesome
3. we pay 1 million in rent instead of like 5 dollars
4. we only have one car
5. i actually make money here. it's weird
some things that are the same:
1. we are still awesome
2. i still drink like this
3. still a potato
and there you have it. a new blog post for a new city. hopefully i will keep it up. it's fun to be back in the saddle.......maybe.


Anna Linnea said...

A blog!!! I have missed reading your funny words. Glad to hear that you guys are doing well! Love you.

chelle. said...

welcome back.
it's been awhile.
congrats on the move and the making money thing. that's exciting.
ade and i are reviving the "english" blog. you should plan a guest post...cause we are having guest bloggers. be one.

Sherpa said...

We need to hang out.

nomadic gnome said...

what?! i thought this day would never come, yet it has. now i have nothing to look forward to. except more posts, i guess? oh and chance runnings intos on 7th street?