Monday, June 4, 2007

wrangler butts drive me nuts

this shouldn't surprise you but this weekend i went to a RODEO!!!! it was so much fun. it was far far away in libertytown maryland but oh so worth the drive. mark and i were hanging out and we got a call from dave and he told us there was a rodeo and so we were all over that! we went to meet the folks at dave's house and then we got a text that it was a women's rodeo and we were already late and so we almost didn't go. but...don't fret, we changed our minds and it turned out to be a regular rodeo and so dave, mark, becky piper and i got in the car and held on as mark drove like a bat out of hell to get us there in time for all the sweet rodeo action. we missed the ring of fear and a few other things but we did get to see us some mutton bustin' and some barrel racin' and some bull ridin' and it was oh so worth it. especially all the hottie cowboys in their tight wranglers and you should have seen the fans. oh my lands. we were definitely not in northern virginia anymore. we met jenny there and some of her friends from baltimore and there was one that i thought was definitely going to know all the cowboy questions that i wanted to ask him but his cowboy outfit was deceiving because when i asked him what latigo was, he just sang the song "rodeo" by garth brooks and then said he had no idea. that was not helpful because we had listened to that song on the way to the rodeo. i should have asked a real cowboy about latigo but instead i had to ask wikipedia. you might not have known this but i am super strong and can hold ginourmous men on my shoulders with the greatest of ease. that is all. sometimes it is hard to be as cool as me. well, it's bulls and blood its dust and mud it's the roar of a sunday crowd it's the white in his knuckles the gold in the buckle he'll win the next go round it's boots and chaps it's cowboy hats it's spurs and latigo it's the ropes and the reins and the joy and the pain and they call the thing rodeo.


Sherpa said...

How come I didn't know you guys went to a rodeo until now? Huh.

A women's rodeo? That's pretty cool.

Where is Libertyville?

Sherpa said...

Here's the perfect t-shirt for this post.....

chelle said...

meg...oh meg.
there once was a girl named sara.
and she had 3 brothers.
and 2 of them were real live cowboys.
and one summer sara and her friend, rachelle, went to every rodeo known to man.
the end.

i love rodeos.
but i'm not sure about women rodeos.
rodeo season is upon us, you know.
and that is all i have to say.
god bless rodeos and cowboys.

Sherpa said...

Why does Mark look orange? (this post came up on bloglines again, and I couldn't help but noticing that you look a healthy pink, Dave and Becky look brown, but Mark is a nice orange hue.

Mauri said...

Yea for Rodeos! I heart them big time. I will be attending as many as possible this summer. Secretly I want to marry a cowboy. Don't worry though, NOT a Hank cowboy. A sometimes cowboy, sometimes not cowboy cowboy!!! Cowboy Up!!

Mauri said...

Wow! I didn't realize how many times I used the word cowboy in that last comment. Giddy Up!

Anonymous said...
i went to about five or six or seven or eight too many rodeos last year.

and i have been invited to yet another just this weekend. we'll see. they're all right.

i do like that you added garth's lyrics.

M to the E to the R to the I said...

Is that guy seriously standing on your shoulders? I think that that is rude. Tell him to get off this minute. Tell Mark Hello from his favorite one time, 30 minute best friend.